“Strategic Design Scenarios behaves also as a teaching opportunity between research and professional worlds receiving permanently young creative students coming from design schools and universities worldwide…”


Louise from France and Ruby from Taiwan are on board with us !

Former students, coming from all over Europe and beyond that we hosted along the many years at SDS lab :

Agnes Chiara
Alberto Solazzi
Aldo Olivero @aldo_olivero
Alice Conquand
Anne Schön
Antonio Palumbo
Arlon Stok
Charlotte Schoeffler
Chloé Bousquet
Chloé Vermeulin
Christophe Gouache @cgouache
Christopher Santerre @chsanterre
Dasha Spasojevic
Deniz Orçun @denizveorcun
Elena Fichera
Emilie Bourgeot
Emma Livet
Gaetan Mazaloubeaud
Giulia Durante
Giuseppe De Francesco
Jeanne Riot
Juli Mata @julialmata
Karine Aboudarham
Khushboo Balwani @khushbooBalwani
Lotte Boury
Martin Lefebvre
Mathieu Grosche
Maureen Lois
Métivier Thibaut
Michael Schnell @mischnell
Nannan Li  @nannan_li
Nicoletta Crisponi @NicolettaCrispo
Nicoletta Spagnolo
Paola Paleari
Paul Juin
Pauline Moussier
Perrine Boissier @PerrineBoissier
Petra Salaric
Roberta Motter @robertamotter
Sabina Verma
Sara Girardi @sara_girardi
Selam Mebrahtu
Serena Nardin
Thibaut Métivier

Want to join us for an internship ?

We have one vacancy for internship starting in Feb-March 2018.

Internship shall last a minimum of 4 months (the ideal for us being 6 months).

If you send us your application and don’t hear from us after a couple of days or 1-2 weeks, spam us until we do. We are often running around so it happens that we forget to answer to some emails.

Contact us at christophe[at]strategicdesignscenarios.net