“Strategic Design Scenarios behaves also as a teaching opportunity between research and professional worlds receiving permanently young creative students coming from design schools and universities worldwide…”


Selam from Ethiopia/France and Sharon from Italy are on board with us !

Former students, coming from all over Europe and beyond that we hosted along the many years :

Agnes Chiara
Alberto Solazzi
Aldo Olivero @aldo_olivero
Alice Conquand
Anne Schön
Antonio Palumbo
Arlon Stok
Charlotte Schoeffler
Chloé Bousquet
Chloé Vermeulin
Christophe Gouache @cgouache
Christopher Santerre @chsanterre
Dasha Spasojevic
Deniz Orçun @denizveorcun
Elena Fichera
Emilie Bourgeot
Emma Livet
Gaetan Mazaloubeaud
Giulia Durante
Giuseppe De Francesco
Jeanne Riot
Juli Mata @julialmata
Karine Aboudarham
Khushboo Balwani @khushbooBalwani
Lotte Boury
Mathieu Grosche
Maureen Lois
Métivier Thibaut
Michael Schnell @mischnell
Nannan Li  @nannan_li
Nicoletta Crisponi @NicolettaCrispo
Nicoletta Spagnolo
Paola Paleari
Paul Juin
Pauline Moussier
Perrine Boissier @PerrineBoissier
Petra Salaric
Roberta Motter @robertamotter
Sabina Verma
Sara Girardi @sara_girardi
Serena Nardin
Thibaut Métivier

Want to join us for an internship ?

Edit 27/03/2017: We have a vacant intern position from now (starting as soon as possible) until July 2017. To apply, please contact us by email.

Find the description of internship here : Internship description

Contact us at christophe[at]strategicdesignscenarios.net