Strategic Design Scenarios is a design lab specialised in strategic design, scenario building, co-design with users and community-centred approaches as well as sustainability and foresight. SDS, created in 2003 in Belgium, is part of the pioneer movement of “public policy design”, along friends such as La 27e Région in France, The Mindlab in Danemark or Nesta in the UK. 

SDS is active on multiple projects all over Europe and on multiple levels of governance and policies. Indeed, our team works both on EU research projects (such as FP7, H2020, etc.) and EU networks (such as URBACT or Urban Innovative Actions) but also at more national, regional and local levels such as Ministries, Regional Authorities and city authorities.

SDS research activities are focussing on social innovation, sustainable living, collaborative services, design for behavioural change, local development and regional/urban planning. SDS lab is active in various fields such as sustainable food, energy consumption, sustainable cities, public service design, emerging uses, interaction design, social inclusion, education, justice, etc.

Offices are based in Brussels (Belgium) and offer facilities for co-design and interaction with users. The studio is equipped for video-sketching, rapid prototyping and product-service systems simulation.

SDS is taking part in European Research projects as well as local sustainability challenges

SDS has been involved in various European Commission funded research projects investigating the emergence of sustainable solutions and future ways of living (CORPUS, SPREAD, EMUDE, SUSHOUSE), the design of product-service systems (TURAS PSS, HiCS, MEPSS), the innovation process in small and medium-sized enterprises (INFU, UCIM, E-VAN, ADAPT), the impact of augmented workspaces (AMBIENT AGORAS), energy consumption in households (Natconsumers, ECO2) or the creation of deliberative processes on Nanotechnologies (NANOPLAT) or on EU research agenda setting (CIMULACT), but also Responsible Research and Innovation (COMPASS), etc.

SDS is also engaged on Erasmus+ projects such as Changemakers (video to teach kids about design thinking) or D-TIPS (Design Thinking in Primary Schools).

SDS collaborates with the 10th Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production supported by UNEP, UN DESA and the Swedish on Sustainable Lifestyles and within WWF One Planet Mobility program.

SDS also works on the future of Agenda 21 programs and accompanies territories in developing local prospective visions and scenarios. SDS worked at both a national level (with the French Ministry of Sustainable Developement and the belgian ministry) and local authorities (Agenda 21 of Saint-Orens, Gironde, Saint-Gilles, Molenbeek, etc.). SDS is also following the TESR program in Nord-Pas-de-Calais (conducted by the Regional Council) which is exploring/experimenting the Ecological and Social Transformation of the Region through 9 Developement Operations on diverse aspects (food, energy, education, health, etc.).

SDS is also conducting research at regional levels such as the VILCO project (Ville Collaborative, on participatory governance) in the Brussels Capitale Region through Co-Create Innoviris.

SDS’ staff is also regularly taking “Lead Expert“ roles in European Networks such as URBACT (Sustainable food in Urban Communities, REFILL on temporary use of vacant urban places, BIOCANTEENS on organic food in public school canteens or Active Citizens on participatory democracy).

SDS is also consulting for the private sector

Strategic Design Scenarios, is also offering its services to private actors working on sustainability and/or innovation projects: Lyonnaise des Eaux (new water services); Castorama (co-design with users); EDF Electricité de France  (PSS energy saving); SPA mineral water (business strategy); TNO Dutch Research & Technology Centre (PSS in augmented health care); Pierre Fabre Pharmaceutical (new products strategy); Cité du Design (service design scenarios); PSA Peugeot Citroën (strategic marketing & design); EDF R&D (strategic design office work); Merck Generic (product strategy France/Italy); IFEC (packaging foresight club with 20 companies from all the chain), Indesit (product strategy); Same/Deutz-Fahr/Lamborghini (PSS scenarios); Belgacom Proximus (corporate strategy); Barilla pasta (product strategy France/Germany/Italy).