Development of a Platform for Deliberative Processes on Nanotechnology in the European Consumer Market based on social computing tools. Projective scenarios simulating possible developments of nanotechnologies in food to stimulate strategic conversation and beta-test the platform.

How to foster democratic discussions among citizens on where technology is aiming at? NANOPLAT was a European research project aiming at the development of a platform for deliberative processes on  nanotechnology in the European consumer market.

Within the consortium leaded by SIFO/Norway, SDS developed simple online tools to facilitate and encourage the discussion between remote stakeholders involved in the same nanotech sector.

A beta test of the platform was conducted on food & nano topic: enriched tomatoes preventing cancer, long conservation fresh milk, tearless onions… Different mock-up of future food products have been extrapolated from scientific conjectures circulating in the media.

The resulting series of 12 slightly challenging visualisations were used to stimulate debate on the platform on both likeliyhood and desirability of such food…

National Institute for Consumer Research (SIFO), Norway
CRIC, University of Manchester(UNIMAN), UK
Institut für Ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung (IÖW),Germany
Central European University (CEU),Hungary
Sabanci University Competitiveness Forum CF (TUSIAD), Turkey
University of Bergen (UiB), Norway
Strategic Design Scenarios (SDS), Belgium

Septembre 2009