VEIL Victoria Eco Innovation Lab and Melbourne local development agency Sustainable Victoria identified urban farming as a key topic to make use of the many spare land and large garden in this very extended city. SDS was associated to engage a large range of stakeholder with the breakthrough ideas developed by VEIL. About 40 civil servants of the town hall, urban planners, agronomists, short food miles associations were involved in a story-telling process. We gather a corpus of 25 short videos where officials and grassroots, experts and users mixed-up and commit themselves in a collective projection. The resulting vision based on young urban farmers living upon land clustered from private gardens, peer-to-peer exchange vegetable shops, rain harvesting infrastructures and new agriculture regulation… were systemised into a mapping activity where all stakeholders were trying to project the future of their respective roles…

VEIL, Victoria Eco Innovation Lab, Australia
Sustainable Victoria, Australia

October 2005