The exhibition both gave visibility to sustainable solutions already existing in Saint-Etienne and good practices coming from elsewhere.

To enable visitors to envision their own life in such a sustainable city we involve 6 families living in Saint-Étienne in the construction of photo-stories : Emma, Gabriel, Marie, Margot, Martin and Paul imagine with us how their own life could look like using short food networks, slow mobility and sparing water and energy.

The resulting series of images are like little ‘photo-novels’, imagined with Saint-Étienne residents, photographed in their kitchen or in the streets. They were displayed with household photo-screens in the exhibition and also published in the local newspaper.

Together they form “hybrid realities” that are realistic enough to make us question our own lifestyles, but still sufficiently flexibles to adapt to our expectations…`

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Cité du Design, France
International Design Biennale, France

November 2008