How can we renovate the processes of action of public authorities, engage participation in public institutions and foster sustainable transition…

These are some of the focus of La 27e Région, a French public innovation lab. SDS collaborates to the design of its first action programme, Territoires en Résidence.

The main idea is to organise Residences meant as long periods of immersion of small multidisciplinary creative teams in a college, an health care house, a rural train station, a regional administration… Co-design with the population, projection of scenarios, rapid prototyping of new services: the aims of the 27e Régions’ Residences are both to enable users to manage participative innovation to transform the local institution and to feedback the lessons learned in order to update regional policies and the way public policies are developed.

La 27e Région, France

Région Rhône-Alpes, France
Région Champagne-Ardennes, France
Région Nord Pas-de-Calais, France
Région Provence, Alpes, Côte d’Azur, France

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October 2012