How a Multi-level Governance Charter may encourage interaction and collaboration between governance levels throughout Europe?

The Committee of the Regions, building on the success of the 2009 White Paper on Multi-level governance, involve Strategic Design Scenarios in a collaborative and creative of Multi-level governance Charter.

“…a Charter that is not used is not worth to be done…” is the simple statement around which the co-design process of the new Charter started. SDS proposed an approach focused on usages involving potential stakeholders of Multi-level Governance to explore through a high-level interactive atelier and local experimentation labs how the charter could be used?
The approach was collaborative, from engaging a dialogue with local, regional and national authorities throughout Europe via online and offline co-creation tools to involve the very representatives of the CIVEX Commission for Citizenship, Governance, Institutional & External Affairs of the Committee of the Regions in hands-on paper prototyping of the Charter.
Beyond the political endorsement of the Charter text, this usage-oriented approach converged to the idea of a Charter as a system of online and offline services (see video) to facilitate the dissemination and the adoption of multilevel governance with i.e. a storytelling process to exchange on concrete applications of multi-level governance; a transposition process into a localised charter; a complain handling process, etc…

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