How can we support regional authorities in rethinking the way they develop colleges? How can we enable pupils, professors, staff and all populations around to collectively take action towards new and more sustainable educational environments?

“My college tomorrow” is a collaborative research of the French public innovation lab La 27e Région and SDS based on 3 parallel and interwoven approaches:

– Residences as 3 weeks immersion sessions of interdisciplinary creative team conducted in 4 different professional, technical, agriculture and general teaching colleges in France;

– Experimental studio as a semester scenario building exercise with design students building on lessons learn through the residences to produce breakthrough and inspiring new visions of colleges infrastructures;

– Creative ateliers as multi-stakeholders workshops to transfer concrete experiences on-site and inspiring visions gathered to the civil servants of the regions and enable their Directions for Education in creative and co-design approaches.

Final output is the Echantillonneur that works as an innovation sample box with 20 different visions for high schools developed into concrete solutions to stimulate the creative conversation within the complex and very administrative new college development process of regions.

Partners :
La 27e Région, Champagne-Ardennes and Nord Pas-de-Calais regions, high schools from Revins, Tinqueux, Saint-Laurent and Annecy

Place :

Links :

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