What is a sustainable lifestyle? What will a sustainable future mean for the way we live, move, and consume? How do we know if our lifestyles are sustainable or not? How can our aspirations for life and well-being improvements be enabled sustainably (within one planet)?

The SPREAD European research project explores four following aspects of sustainable lifestyles : moving, living, consuming and society. Four scenarios came out of the research : Empathetic Communities, Governing the commons, Local loops and Singular Super Champion.

SDS produced 4 little ‘video bullets’ giving the ‘spirit’ of each of each of the SPREAD scenarios and working as teaser to the complete scenario reports. SPREAD project focused on lifestyles and our main concept was to show ‘bits-of-daily life’ putting in front people’s lifestyles and letting their ways of living and the scenarios characteristics emerged in the background…

Partners :

Ashoka (F)
DEMOS Helsinki (FIN)
Ecoinstitut Barcelona (ES)
Energy Research Centre (NL)
International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University (S)
Polimi (I)
Regional Environmental Center for CEE Countries (H)
Strategic Design Scenarios 

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