Walking down the street of a sustainable city in 20 years from now…

…was the vision that came up to design this toolkit for collaborative scenario building. Pulling ourselves out of our daily contexts and current mindsets to envision the future in an open and creative way is one of the bottlenecks in participative forward-looking activities. The vision of walking for a short while on a street of a sustainable futures society, experiencing a walkable neighbourhood with refurbished passive houses in a food-resilient city brought to build a light exhibition with snapshots of the future, posters and manifestos that would immerse participants to a projection exercise into a stimulating, controversial, slightly provoking environment to set the right mood for an open strategic conversation. This eBook publication intends to describe and make available some of the materials and approaches developed and tested during the CORPUS project aiming at supporting sustainable knowledge brokering at a science-policy interface. The toolkit consists of a series of 24 visual posters produced for each of the 3 topics of sustainable food, mobility and housing developed for the CORPUS project and in proposing them as stimulating material to kick-off collaborative workshops between policy-makers and researchers or between other heterogeneous stakeholders using shared scenario building activities. This eBook is also a book in the sense of a self-standing and finished publication disseminating part of the results of three years of collaboration of a consortium of researchers and policy-makers based on short video-bullets showing the 3 series of snapshots of the future on food, mobility and housing, offering short texts presenting the CORPUS project framework, introducing the three food, mobility and housing visions; discussing them and kicking-off strategic conversations with points of view of different European science and policy stakeholders; finally suggesting the different ways to use these visualized visions to prompt collaborative scenario building exercises, workshops and training sessions…


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Get a glimpse of the Sustainable Street 2030 in 2 minutes! Watch the making of the CORPUS scenario buidling workshops ! 

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