The Product-service systems project is part of the TURAS program (supported by the Seventh Framework Programme of the EU).

The PSS project is led by Brussels Environment, Ecores, Group One, Strategic Design Scenarios and Egerie Research.
The aim was to explore new hybrid-combinations between products and services systems in order to develop new creative and sustainable business opportunities (both economically viable and creating new jobs) for the Brussels-Capital Region.

Five workshops have been organized on the following topics:
1 / collaborative service communities
2 / urban sustainable food
3 / optimization of urban space
4 / urban eco-logistic
5 / exemplary public buildings

After 5 co-creation workshops, with more than 50 different stakeholders, and the use of specifics tools, 17 PSS inspiring and promising ideas were identified. After a selection process 4 were chosen for further developement of their business models through a serie of tools (debugging, light experimentation, simulation, etc.).

You can also download the research report commissioned under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission that is part of the project TURAS (Transitioning Towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability) designed to develop transition strategies to enable European cities to strengthen their resilience and sustainability.

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SDS developped the following short animated film explaining what is PSS, the functional and collaborative economies, etc. It was used as an introduction for each workshop.

Below is the PSS toolkit explaining the methodology used in the project.

English version :

Click here to download the PDF in english.

Version française :

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Partners :

Group One (BE)
IBGE – Bruxelles Environnement (BE)
Strategic Design Scenarios (BE)

Links :

Project Blog

Rapport final:
Transition des activités manufacturières vers les product service systems (PSS) et l’économie de la fonctionnalité dans un contexte urbain, octobre 2013.