LOLA, Looking for Likely Alternatives.
A didactic process for approaching sustainability by investigating social innovation


François Jégou, Victoria Thoresen, Ezio Manzini


The purpose of this brochure is to disseminate the LOLA initiative across the different fields of education, sustainability, design and social innovation. It is an introduction to stimulate involvement in the project among teachers, teachers’ trainers and education policy makers and open access to detailed presentations and material download which are available on the LOLA web platform.

LOLA is one of the projects promoted by the Consumer Citizenship Network (CCN) an interdisciplinary network of educators, researchers and civil society organizations consisting of 133 institutions across 37 countries who recognize the pressing need for constructive action by individuals in order to achieve sustainable consumption and global solidarity. The LOLA Project is a follow-up of the EMUDE (Emerging User Demand in Sustainable Solutions, 200-2006).
The LOLA toolkit has been developed within the Sustainable Everyday Project (SEP) by Strategic Design Scenarios, Brussels and DIS Indaco, Politecnico di Milano.

For those you don’t have yet heard about LOLA, the first part introduces the basic concept of LOLA: what is our vision? What do we mean by toolkit? Who may use it and how?
For those who are interrested in implementing the LOLA Toolkit, the second part shows the core process of LOLA articulated in 5 steps presented as a flexible set of cards that enable to customise and adapt the exercise to any teaching situation.
If you do not intend to use LOLA for your teaching context or if you are only looking for inspiration, the third section shows a selection of various implementations that have been made from the LOLA toolkit. It shows a wide range of applications from primary schools to universities, from long project periods to one day events, from isolated initiatives to the attempt of official adaptation of LOLA to national curriculum.
The fourth and last section provides reference texts to help place the importance of the approach represented by LOLA from the educational, sustainability, social innovation and design point of view.

(March 2009)



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