Co-creating digital solutions to address the pressing goals of the SDGs at the Cork University Business School, Cork (Ireland).

In January 2022, SDS conducted a 3-day workshop titled ‘Building Sustainable Digital Solutions through Student Partnerships’. The workshop aimed to provide postgraduate students with a unique opportunity to work collaboratively with design experts to create innovative digital solution prototypes that address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Fifteen students, four facilitators (2 UCC professors and 2 designers), and 5 subject matter experts attended the workshop. The students worked in teams, focusing their energy and propagating ideas over the three-day workshop period. The expected outcomes of this activity were the creation of prototypes and development plans.

The workshop was designed in partnership with the department of Business Information Systems (BIS), Cork University Business School (CUBS), UCC. Not only it provided an opportunity for students to discover the design approach but it also provided them with a unique opportunity to collaborate and create sustainable digital solutions that address real-world problems.

Post-workshop, students were invited to submit an application to an entrepreneurship competition in the business school and work with the university’s innovation hub.