Immersion residence at Rhône-Alpes Regional Council to investigate public procurement processes and co-design a series of experimentations to fluidify green procurement and support the regional sustainable transition.

Sustainable procurement is one of the key strategies for sustainable transition of local economy. But in order to be an efficient strategy, the public procurement need to pass from a technical administrative procedure to the elaboration of an effective sustainable strategy.

This is the challenge proposed by the Rhône-Alpes Region to challenge its big administrative machine, stimulate transversal cooperation, foster adoption of new tools and working processes.

SDS was leading a residence for La 27e Région French public innovation lab for 3 weeks of immersion in the regional council, investigation the complex public procurement process, involving the different departments to collaborate in experimenting a series of innovative solutions: the organization of regular happy hours, a procurement project room, an exchange platform online and a visiting tours to stimulate, upstream from the legal procurement process, the collaboration between civil servants and their subcontractors towards both the fluidification of the administrative procedure and strategic conversation on how procurement would serve best regional sustainability.

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Partners :

La 27e Région (FR)
Région Rhône-Alpes (FR)
Frédérique Sonnet (FR)
Marie Coirié (FR)
Adèle Seyrig (FR)
Strategic Design Scenarios (BE)

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