The increasing success of the International Design Biennale encourage Saint-Étienne to become the French city of design. Beyond the construction and refurbishment of a building infrastructure,  a debate was needed to define the functionalities and living systems of the new institution. SDS engage for that a large participative process based on story-telling: the city council, the cultural institutions of the region, the design community, local and national industrialists as well as inhabitants and shopkeeper from the very neighbourhood were asked to tell stories on how they imagine their daily living with the future Cité du Design. The more than150 stories collected were reorganised into 40 short movies constituting a true collective projection. The shared vision was then used to define the specifications of the macro-service and largely communicated to the multiple publics of the Cité…

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Cité du Design, France
Saint-Etienne Métropole, France

July 2007